• Scarf made of 100% high quality vintage Como silk;
  • Comprising 4 patterns beautifully matched;
  • Fringed trims and ultra light Serà finesilk frame;
  • Dimension: width 28 cm, length 170 cm (circa 11 and 68 inches);
  • Made in Italy;
  • Care instructions: Dry clean.
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This scarf is part of a limited edition collection called This is not a tie. Every scarf model, indeed, is realized with luxurious vintage silk made for ties.

The concept behind the collection is based on the Italians creativity and their ability to reinvent customizing, and so an a fabric for a tie can become a sophisticated scarf. The peculiarity of this collection is not only the idea behind and the underlying precious Como silk used, but also the versatility. Each scarf is in fact made of 4 different panels associated in order to create a more whimsical side – made with large and colorful patterns – and another more simple – characterized by classic patterns – allowing to use the scarf in every occasion and to be able to change with the help of the wind. Their names are inspired by Italian trees and the emotions connected with their colors and scent.