In most formal events where you can not play too much with the color of your suit or the shirt that you are wearing, the suit lining is where you can get creative. Generally, the rule is to have the suit lining contrast with the jacket that you are wearing. However, the great point about getting a custom tailored suit is to be imaginative and playful. At IFC we have over 200 designs of linings ranging from Paisleys, Polka dots, to an extensive variety of colorful solids.

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  • Check
  • Demask
  • Diamond
  • Large Diamond
  • Paisley
  • Large Paisley
  • Herringbone
  • Large Herringbone
  • Houndstooth
  • Iridescent
  • Half Inch Twill
  • Stripe
  • Twill Self Stripe
  • Printed Taffeta
  • World Map
  • Polka Dot

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