Best Fabrics for Travelling

The best fabrics for traveling must have following features.


Easy Care

Ideal travel fabrics must be machine washable, and requires very little or no ironing at all.



The fabric must be highly durable and
should not easily tear.


Highly Breathable

Light, breathable, comfortable, and
handles moisture very well.

Absolute Wrinkle Free Poplin

Exclusively available at IFC, the Signature Absolute Wrinkle-Free Poplin makes this list by default. It truly is the ideal fabric for travelling. Light, breathable, comfortable, and economical. Spun is outstanding for travel particularly in tropical climates. People say it “breaths”. This is because Spun displaces much of the moisture from your body and makes you feel cooler. Spun poplin also dries quickly and doesn’t hold much moisture.

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